Here’s what students have to say…

Brandon Avers - Littleton Guitar School“Ken isn’t going to teach you how to play guitar, he’s going to teach you to become a guitarist.”

Ken didn’t interfere with the development of my sound but rather guided it, or in many cases enhanced it, and sped up the overall process of its creation. He helps you become a musician, someone who can play other songs or write your own, learn to improvise on the spot, and become a performer.” – Brandon Avers

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Ivette Mendez-Kelly - Littleton Guitar SchoolYou are in a very short list of people that have impacted my life in a very positive way and have left a mark.

“I am so grateful to have found you and so happy I took the decision of pursuing this. Learning to play guitar had been on my mind for a long time. Playing makes me happy, very happy. This is one of few things that is all mine and looked forward to it every week. Thank you also for opening my eyes to new songs, styles and rhythms. I have become a fan of several groups that I had never heard before thanks to you. ” – Ivette Mendez-Kelly

Justin Eubanks - Max's Midnight Kitchen - Littleton Guitar School“I got firsthand experience of what it looks like to be an excellent music teacher.”

I never had a guitar lesson I didn’t enjoy with Ken, it was a really great time in my life where I had an incredible musical mentor that helped me learn so much about music through the guitar. I’ve been able to apply the knowledge I gained from working with Ken to teaching different instruments and styles, and I got firsthand experience of what it looks like to be an excellent music teacher.” – Justin Eubanks

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Matt Ostrowski - The Duvets - Littleton Guitar School

“Being taught by someone who has ability and passion has made a huge difference. It gave me the ability to see the long view – where I was going and what I wanted as a player.”

“I would also tell them they should have a certain level of commitment because they will get pushed and they need to be prepared to put in a good amount of effort. There’s no coasting in Littleton Guitar School.” – Matt Ostrowski (Denver based band “The Duvets”)

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Dan Berry - Littleton Guitar School“Ken is a natural teacher; he can take any subject and present it in terms of essentials. I feel like Ken is my secret weapon!”

“Ken created a custom path for me based on my goals. He introduced the principles and techniques I would need to become a better player in a hierarchical manner — each building upon the last. And most importantly, I’ve stayed motivated to play, because I know where I’m heading and seeing results along the way.” – Dan Berry

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Chrissy F - Highlands Ranch“I love being able to play even the simplest of songs and seeing the progression of my ability from what seemed impossible during the first lesson!”

“Lessons are for everyone, regardless of age. The nice thing about being an adult and making the decision to take lessons is understanding it takes time, money and patience to do so but it is on your terms so you want to put in the effort.” – Chrissy Fagerholt (Highlands Ranch)

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Justin Palmer - Littleton Guitar School“Ken isn’t just a great guitar teacher but is also a great person and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar.”

“I would like to add that after my lessons with Ken I have great confidence in my ability to play. Before lessons I would have never taken a two hour gig, but now I play two hour gigs almost every month.” – Justin Palmer (Littleton)

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Alex Garcia - Watertower - Littleton Guitar School“Ken takes his time getting to know his students… getting to know their musical styles and tastes, their reasons for playing, and more importantly their overall personality. He not only becomes your Guitar Sensei, but he becomes your friend… and that was important for me. “

“There is nothing you could lose from meeting the guy and learning about where you can go with a six string… and at the end of it, you can at least say you just jammed with one of Colorado’s premier Folk Rockers!!” – Alex Garcia (Denver based band Watertower)

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Jack K - Littleton Guitar School“Ken can teach any style, and can makes learning fun and enjoyable. He can work with you at any pace, and can get you over any hump or hardship in guitar that you are struggling with.”

“My close relationship with Ken made my love of guitar so much stronger. Ken and I are best friends when we play together. The one person that has impacted my guitar playing the most in my life is by far Ken.” – Jack K

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Check out this video of Jack improvising a little… [+ show]

Don Reedy - Littleton Guitar School“I look at my training at Littleton Guitar School as an investment in me and my skills as a guitarist. The return on investment has been a fast-track to enjoying and sharing those skills with confidence.”

“To me the guitar is more important than just an instrument to learn… it’s about feeding your creative side and sense of balance. Rocket Science by day / aspiring Guitarist by night.” – Don Reedy (Roxborough)

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Erin Armstrong - Littleton Guitar School“Once I met Ken I had the immediate feeling like I had known him for a long time.”

“He knows how to challenge you and push you to that next level, but he’s also fun and makes you feel comfortable at your own pace.” – Erin Armstrong (Denver based musician and songwriter)

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Lucy H. - Littleton Guitar School“These guitar lessons are one of my favorite things about my week. I love guitar, it’s such a wonderful instrument, and I’ve grown to really love it more.”

“Now I know there’s so much more about guitar. There’s so much theory that can be integrated and it makes everything more interesting and in depth. I really look forward to my guitar lesson every week.” – Lucy H (Littleton)

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Jeremy Anderson - Littleton Guitar School“Seriously, it’s one of my favorite hours of the week. Taking guitar lessons is out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoy it and I feel like that I’m making progress.”

“Ken is a laid-back, great teacher for someone just learning. He is patient, yet will push you and really wants to help you understand and to get better.” – Jeremy Anderson (Highlands Ranch)

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Buddy Allen - Littleton Guitar School“Go for it. Commit to the practice, let Ken lead you and you will be successful. It’s hard work, but when you hit that new skill and it sounds like it is supposed to, it really feels good!”

“Music is something you can both enjoy and participate in your entire life. Take advantage of it and take advantage of someone like Ken who is willing to share his knowledge, talent and commitment to teaching to anyone willing to learn. Learning to play the guitar is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know in the end it will be one of the most rewarding things I will ever do.” – Buddy Allen (Littleton)

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Bronwyn - Littleton Guitar School“I can create my own songs, find the right chords, and find the time signature all on my own, and use different picking patterns or strumming styles for different songs.”

“Ken makes guitar lessons about feeling and experiencing the music. I plan to continue to take guitar lessons with him and I know that every lesson will be as fun and exciting as the last. ” – Bronwyn (Highlands Ranch)

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Ron Lamberson - Littleton Guitar School“Taking guitar lessons and learning from Ken has enabled me to play at a level I wasn’t sure I could achieve. I have a tremendous amount to learn, but my confidence has reached a level where I know I’ll be able to continue to develop with additional lessons and practice.”

“It’s a combination of always learning something new, the camaraderie, the challenge, and the chance to play music with others.” – Ron Lamberson (Littleton)

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Ginny - Littleton Guitar School“At the guitar lessons everyone messes up and they don’t judge you, they give you the courage to keep going like nothing ever happened.”

“His guitar lessons are fun, helpful, and very hard working. There is never something bad about the lessons. Ken K isn’t just your guitar teacher, he can end up being your best friend.” – Ginny (Littleton)

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Spencer - Littleton Guitar School“…always encourages me and he is really fun to play guitar with.”

My name is Spencer and I am 10 years old. I have been taking guitar lessons with Ken K for four years. I wanted to learn to play the guitar because whenever I hear a guitar it sounds awesome to me. Ken K is the best teacher. – Spencer (Littleton)

Check out this video of Spencer in action… [+ show]

“Ken is a complete teacher. His combination of patience and perseverance is tremendous. He puts it all together in a nice, subtle way.”

“It’s a fun, positive learning experience. Never a day of regret, I look forward to coming to guitar lessons. That part is really good!” – Chris Kircher (Highlands Ranch)

Jenna B - Littleton Guitar School“I not only learned all the essentials of guitar playing, but I learned how to be confident.”

“At first in playing the guitar, I was timid at best. I wouldn’t play for anyone but Ken, for fear I’d fail. Now that I’m taking steps to record my own music, I jump at the chance to play in front of others. I wouldn’t be able to do either of these things without Ken and all he taught me over the years!” – Jenna B (Littleton)

“I am able to play in front of more people…”

“I am able to play in front of more people, and I wanted to finish one song and get it on YouTube – and I did that. It’s so exciting!” – Breanna S (Centennial)
Check out Breanna’s YouTube video here… [+ show]

Update: Breanna’s first open mic pictures! Check it out! [+ show]

Doug Z - Littleton Guitar School“When I first started with Ken, I was only able to play some basic open chords. He has taken me from this point, to performing in front of a room full of strangers! His encouragement is unbelievable!”

His teaching method accommodates any level of student, while challenging you to take it to the next step. His knowledge and mastery of the guitar is absolutely outstanding! He is dedicated and passionate about the instrument! As a wonderful teacher, performer, and mentor, I would not contact anyone else than Ken for advice and direction regarding anything to do with enjoying the great instrument of guitar!” – Doug Z (Highlands Ranch)

Justin E - Littleton Guitar School“Thanks for your willingness to work with him…”

“Ken, I feel Justin has really learned a lot these past few months working with you, and it has only increased his passion for music, which is a good sign. Thanks for your willingness to work with him and for your own passion, which he and I both share.” – Russell E (Littleton)

“Thanks for the constant support and inspiration Ken, you’ll always be a mentor to me.” – Justin E (Max’s Midnight Kitchen)

“Ken has inspired me both as a musician, and as a person.”

“I started taking guitar lessons from Ken about 2 years ago. Ken has improved my soloing, taught me how to play barre chords, and has taught me many scales. He is a great teacher but an even better person. I felt good knowing I could talk to him as a friend, not a teacher. He has inspired me both as a musician, and as a person. I guarantee by choosing Ken as your teacher you won’t be making a mistake.” – Alex B. (Cherry Creek/ Centennial)

“If I were to be watching myself play just a few weeks ago… I would have to say wow!”

“I am playing all over the neck and I am starting to surprise myself a bit with that. If I were to be watching myself play just a few weeks ago… I would have to say wow! Pretty cool!” – Eric G. (Centennial)

Jack B - Littleton Guitar School“…very lucky to count you as not only a teacher but as a friend as well.”

“Thank you, Ken. Because of you Jack is growing and is a more well rounded person than many of his peers. I appreciate the work your doing with him. He is very lucky to count you as not only a teacher but as a friend as well.” – Celia B (Castle Rock)

Tyler Simmons (Papagoya) - Littleton Guitar School“Tyler has become a great guitar player”.

“Hey Ken, I wanted to write a note telling you how pleased I am with what you have done. Tyler has become a great guitar player. I am impressed that you have not taught him one song, but have taught him to “play”. That was my one desire. Pretty cool.” – Jon S (Littleton)

Kate - Littleton Guitar School“I just wanted to make sure you knew how much we value you!”

“Ken- We are so happy to still be learning with you. You are a fabulous teacher. I just passed your name along by the way. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much we value you!” – Michelle (Littleton)

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