Guitar Player Resources

This page contains resources, free and for purchase, that you can use to help you become a better player.


Special Report: The Importance of Warming Up! (pdf)

This article discusses the importance of warming up before playing guitar and also provides a warm-up exercise that you can do yourself.

How to Use an Electronic Tuner

Being in tune is the most important step prior to playing a guitar. Here’s a quick guide how to get in tune using an electronic tuner. Tune up first, always.

How To Change Guitar Strings

This complete tutorial shows the proper tools to have on hand, and a variety of supplies that you probably never knew existed. Also included are step-by-step video of acoustic and electric guitar string removal and replacement.

* Some articles are in pdf format and require a pdf reader, such as the free “Acrobat Reader“. Get it here.

Online Metronome

Below is a link to a great online metronome that you can use for practicing all sorts of skills. For scales, rhythm, soloing – the best way to know where you are and where you have to be is to keep track. A metronome, pencil and paper, are standard tools in every aspiring guitar players toolkit.

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