How do you feel about your guitar playing right now?

So you’ve been playing for a while, over two years. Congratulations for sticking with it. It’s a long climb at first, and often hindered by weak teaching aids, lack of direction, and generally slow progress. Maybe you’re thinking you should be farther along than you are?

Have you been playing for a while but stopped making progress? Maybe you’re just not sure what you should focus on next? Do you know a lot of chords, but not sure how they go together? Maybe trying to write songs, but everything sounds the same? Maybe you know some scales, but you’re not sure how to use them.

Do you feel like your playing has reached an plateau or are you frustrated with YouTube and tab sites not cutting it? Or have you found that the instructional DVD’s are unmotivating and gathering dust?

Do you want to jam with people but not sure how to go about it, or where to find them? Maybe you are a more serious player and need someone to help train and coach you, and to hold you accountable?

If any of these questions rang true with you, I can help you. I’ve had and overcame the same experiences, and I’ve helped many other players do the same.

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What If You Could…

  • Understand the fretboard better.
  • Play your own leads.
  • Meet others with similar skills and interests.
  • Write a song!
  • Learn some scales or theory.
  • Know how to apply scales in your playing.
  • Confidently play in front of people.
  • Find your own creative voice!
  • Know every note on the guitar fretboard.
  • Play easily in any key at any time.
  • Rock Out and SHRED!


Great Guitar Lessons - Littleton Guitar School

“Ken has taken me from basic open chords to performing in front of a room full of strangers!”

” His encouragement is unbelievable! His method of teaching accommodates any level of student, while challenging you to take it to the next step.” – Doug Zabinsky

Guitar Lesson in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Denver

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Programs
There are programs for both the acoustic and electric guitarist, covering many popular styles such as classic rock, blues, hard rock/metal and acoustic/ folk. You can learn to play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, or both. Whether you want to expand your current skills massively, or just chill out with friends, rock out with a band, or hold your own at a jam session, I can help you get there.

Free Introductory Session!
We’ll meet for your free first session and I’ll be able to see where you are with your playing and find out where you want to be. From there I design a personalized program for YOUR specific needs, goals, and commitment level. CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Free Session!

More Than Just Guitar Lessons!
Guitar lessons are only a part of the picture. In addition to just providing you new information, I’ll also train, coach and support you – teach you to apply and integrate the information into your playing, not just show you something and move on to the next thing. There is no magic bullet, but I can help you get there faster, and make it enjoyable along the way.

Too Much Info, No Direction?
Information is plentiful and generally easy to find. That is the problem. WHAT you learn must be “geared” towards what you want to be as a guitarist. HOW you learn it is key. You have to know “what to learn”, “what order to learn it in”, and “when to learn it” – as it relates to your guitar playing goals. You can’t just learn everything at once! I will sort things out for you, and create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Littleton Guitar SchoolDo You Know How to Practice?
You need a planned practice routine that supports your learning to the greatest extent. Often difficult techniques are not mastered between lessons, but sometimes take weeks and months to achieve. I will make sure that you have the proper practice schedule to work on multiple skills in minimal time.

Do You Need Extra Support and Motivation?
Progress is what happens the six days between lessons. Will you stay motivated? Will you know exactly what you should be practicing? Do you have questions? My programs provide a wide variety of support, from face-to-face time, detailed practice workouts, email support, jam classes, weekend workouts, and more.

Get MORE Than Just Guitar Lessons… Get RESULTS!
You are not paying me for a chunk of time or to sit with you one on one. While those are parts of the process, you are paying me for RESULTS. You are paying me so that YOU can learn to play the guitar the way you want to. You are paying me to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to take it to a new level?
Click here or on the button below and let’s get together for a free lesson. I look forward to it.

Guitar Lesson in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Denver