Dan Berry Interview

Dan Berry - Littleton Guitar School
Dan played guitar when he was younger and always wanted to get back to it. He felt his guitar skills were lacking, his fretboard knowledge was minimal, and his technique was limited. After less than a year, his is now writing and recording his own songs!

Dan’s unique schedule only allows him to come for three months, every three months. A recent medical leave kept him local for the summer and he took advantage of it by doubling down on his guitar lessons and by becoming a better musician. Here is what he has to say about Littleton Guitar School.

LGS: How did you view guitar lessons before you started taking lessons with Littleton Guitar School?

DB: I had taken lessons years ago, and remember learning pointless scales and chord shapes with no principles to unite them. I worried that Ken would offer much of the same — content with no integration.

LGS: How has that perception about guitar lessons changed?

DB: Ken created a custom path for me based on my goals. He introduced the principles and techniques I would need to become a better player in a hierarchical manner — each building upon the last. And most importantly, I’ve stayed motivated to play, because I know where I’m heading and seeing results along the way.

LGS: Name 3 things you understand or can do now, that you didn’t understand or couldn’t do before you began guitar lessons with Littleton Guitar School:


  1. Before I met Ken, I didn’t understand theory and song composition. Now, rather than just learning tablature, I can figure out songs by ear. And I’m writing my own songs!
  2. I didn’t know the notes on all of the strings, and was only proficient at playing open chords. Now I feel that I’m well on my way to mastering the fretboard — and I’m playing all over the neck.
  3. I had no idea how to approach writing solos and improvising. Now I can hear a song, determine the key, and improvise using multiple techniques.

LGS: What is your favorite thing about the guitar lessons?

DB: I always look forward to lessons with Ken, because I know he will challenge me to be a better player, and I know I’ll have fun learning.

LGS: If you were to recommend me to a friend who wanted to learn to play the guitar, what would you tell them?

DB: I would recommend Ken to anyone looking to learn the guitar or just improve their playing, because Ken is a natural teacher; he can take any subject and present it in terms of essentials. I feel like Ken is my secret weapon!

LGS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

DB: Before I started taking lessons with Ken, I felt that I had plateaued in my playing, and I seldom picked up my guitar. Now I look forward to playing every day, and I derive enjoyment every time. Thank you Ken!

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