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Alex Garcia - Watertower - Littleton Guitar SchoolAlex Garcia is singer/songwriter and lead guitarist for the Denver-based band “Watertower“. Alex and Ken first met in 2004 at one of Ken’s shows, and shortly after Alex began studying guitar with Ken. Alex was very shy, lacked confidence, and was hard on himself, struggled with playing, and wasn’t having fun.

After basic training and convincing that it was possible, Alex pursued joining a band. After a short break, he returned with specific interests and goals in learning the fretboard, becoming a lead guitarist, and honing his songwriting skills.

Alex spends his rare, spare time as a social worker, husband, father of two cool boys, and bandmate to his Watertower mates. He is truly an example that you can find your passions if you keep at it and is now enjoying a musician’s life that he didn’t think was possible. He continues to grow and evolve as an artist, a guitarist, and an inspiring human being.

Here’s what Alex had to say about his experience with Ken K and Littleton Guitar School.

LGS: How did you view guitar lessons before you started taking lessons with Ken K?

AG: I was worried about putting it all out on the line… actually letting someone else know how good/bad I was (other than my dogs). I had ZERO confidence in what I was doing musically. I was worried about being judged. I was scared that it would take too much for me to learn and I’d revert back to my old style of playing or get frustrated that I would quit all together.

LGS: How has that perception about guitar lessons changed?

AG: I don’t really have a fear about allowing people to listen to me. Not only did I learn to play the guitar better, but I learned a lot about letting go of what people thought about my skills or my songwriting. I started playing/writing music for myself. Once I started to give up on my embarrassment, I allowed myself to have fun and soak as much as I could.

Alex Garcia - Watertower - Littleton Guitar SchoolLGS: Name 3 things you understand or can do now, that you didn’t understand or couldn’t do before you began lessons with Ken:

AG: Three things…

  1. Using and playing chords all over the neck.
  2. How to solo all over the neck.
  3. Giving in to letting go.

LGS: What is your favorite thing about the lessons?

AG: I think my favorite thing about lessons with Ken was that they didn’t feel like lessons. It felt like I was just hanging out with a friend. Don’t get me wrong… the lessons were jam packed with information, theory, and skill building, but they were taught and provided in a positive environment. Ken takes his time getting to know his students… getting to know their musical styles and tastes, their reasons for playing, and more importantly their overall personality. He not only becomes your Guitar Sensei, but he becomes your friend… and that was important for me.

LGS: If you were to recommend Ken K / Littleton Guitar School to a friend who wanted to learn to play the guitar, what would you tell them?

AG: I would actually say just give him a call… have a conversation with the guy and listen to what he has to say. Be honest about what you want to learn and why. Listen to what he can offer you and take him up on a trial lesson. There is nothing you could lose from meeting the guy and learning about where you can go with a six string… and at the end of it, you can at least say you just jammed with one of Colorado’s premier Folk Rockers!!

LGS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

AG: I would like mention that I was just asked to play at the Entusi Music Festival in Kabale, Uganda in October. I will be teaching music during workshops all week long and playing at the Festival for several thousands of people. I would have never gone on stage anywhere, from a small pizza joint in south Denver to an International stage overseas, if not for the guidance, support, training, and belief by my teacher Ken K. My dogs are now worried that I will forget all about them in the bigtime!!!

Check out “Watertower” here!


Check out this video of Alex in action…

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