Jeremy Anderson Review

Jeremy Anderson - Highlands Ranch Guitar Lessons

Jeremy is a professional in the employment recruiting field who has been dabbling with the guitar for awhile after a friend showed him a few chords. Realizing it might take a while to surpass the dabbling on his own, he decided to take guitar lessons in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

Jeremy started guitar lessons at Littleton Guitar School with the goal of getting better at chord changes and strumming patterns. Here is an interview with Jeremy and his feelings about the learning experience at Littleton Guitar School.

LGS: How did you view guitar lessons before you started taking lessons with Littleton Guitar School?

JA: My only experience with any kind of music lessons was piano lessons when I was 10. Not a great experience, I didn’t like the lessons, I wasn’t interested in learning and I didn’t want to practice.

LGS: How has that perception about guitar lessons changed?

JA: It’s all changed! I want to learn, I’m excited about playing and learning new chords/songs, and I really enjoy practicing. I look forward to this hour every week!

LGS: Name 3 things you understand or can do now, that you didn’t understand or couldn’t do before you began guitar lessons with Littleton Guitar School:


  1. I know the names of the strings.
  2. I know a lot more chords.
  3. I know multiple strums and how to transition between them.

LGS: What is your favorite thing about the guitar lessons?

JA: Two things: Learning something new that I can take home and practice. And, feeling that I am making progress on things that I have learned.

LGS: If you were to recommend me to a friend who wanted to learn to play the guitar, what would you tell them?

JA: Ken is a laid-back, great teacher for someone just learning. He is patient, yet will push you and really wants to help you understand and to get better. Website is a great resource for information and review.

LGS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JA: Seriously, it’s one of my favorite hours of the week. Taking guitar lessons is out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoy it and I feel like that I’m making progress.

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